Charelle Ainslie

Policy Positions

Cost of Living

All Victorians are feeling the pressure of cost increases, from the fuel in our cars, fresh food at the supermarket, essential utility costs and our mortgages and rent all continuing to rise.

The Andrews Government’s COVID lockdowns and mandates contributed significantly to this problem, with artificial labour and product supply shortages influencing price increases.

We cannot allow the government to continue with its wasteful spending which in turn increases your rates, taxes and other expenses. We must demand there is a freeze on taxes and programs are instead more effectively managed to minimise out of the pocket costs for all everyday Victorians.


There is a health crisis in Victoria and our hospitals are buckling under the strain. This is primarily due to years of poor management by the Labor Government, particularly Daniel Andrews who has been pivotal in both the Health Minister and Premier roles.

Nepean residents have been particularly ignored with the Rosebud Hospital becoming outdated meaning many residents would need to travel around 50km to Frankston to get the health care they need.

This is not good enough! Charelle will fight for funding and resources to be directed to updating the facilities so that Nepean locals get the services we need.


Charelle believes that education should return to foundational principles of education. Focusing on the core pillars being numeracy, language, history, social studies, technology, science, physical education and the arts. 

She believes that educational institutions should be free from political biases, social agendas and educators’ personal beliefs, thus underpinning the moral and ethical standards of children as the primary responsibility of parents. 

Small Business

Many small businesses were battered for most of 2020 and 2021 due to the lockdowns in Victoria, with some choosing to relocate interstate. For the small businesses left, those that have survived, the Labor Government continues to introduce more and more red tape to make it nearly impossible to operate profitably.

Charelle is committed to supporting businesses throughout Nepean by actively listening and responding constructively to their needs, encouraging them to prosper.